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Who We Are

The GRE team has been instrumental in handling over 200 probate, trust, and conservatorship properties. Drawing from this extensive experience, we have developed a proprietary process designed to optimize clients’ experience regardless of the property’s condition or the unique situation at hand. Our in-office staff is ready to assist you with any needs you may have including construction estimates, eviction referrals, and expert advice on the actions to take to maximize the value of your property plan.

What’s a Property Plan?

After meeting at the property to conduct a site visit and properly assess its condition, our office will produce Property Plan options. These options fall into one of two tiers, and the decision rests with you, guided by recommendations from your legal counsel.

Option 1: Cash Offer Agreement

This option involves generating a 100% Cash offer based on comparisons with recently sold properties within a quarter mile radius in similar conditions and aspects. It allows for a quick close on the property as soon as you receive your appointment over the estate and supportive court documents, including sending proper notice to those entitled to information regarding the sale of real property.

Moreover, this option eliminates agent fees and closing costs for escrow. It is particularly suitable for clients dealing with unwanted tenants as we handle the eviction process, saving you legal costs.


Option 2: Listing Agreement

If we believe the property will fetch a higher price on the open market and time is not pressing for you, we will work together to determine a comfortable listing price. Additionally, we provide recommendations on how to achieve that price goal.


Is it a stressful process to sell a house?

Selling a house, particularly one inherited or entangled in complex legal matters, can induce significant stress. Our objective is to alleviate this burden by taking the vexing components out of the equation by offering a clear, transparent process and managing the legal and logistical facets of the sale. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your property goals with ease and confidence.

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